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I had the opportunity to create artwork to promote ESPN's coverage of the MLS Western Conference Finals and MLS Cup as well as a very special farewell piece to Landon Donovan, the greatest American soccer player of all time, acknowledging his MLS career achievements.

Each piece is slightly different in style and handling, but feels as if there is a loose continuity between all .

There was added significance and a special honor in creating these pieces as they represented the final 3 games of Landon Donovan's professional career, who has arguably been the greatest American soccer player of all time.

A series of illustrations for Degree Men depicting the USMNT's recent return to becoming a competitive team within the world ranks once more.

The project was coordinated by Weber Shandwick, a Madison Avenue advertising agency.

Various illustrations featured on, a subsidiary of ESPN.
Artwork created for ESPN social media, each piece is viewed by nearly 15 million users. has served as an opportunity to grow and explore new creative ideas as a designer, illustrator and artist while also providing new experiences in marketing, building and maintaining an audience and active community through social medias and entrepreneurial territory.

Since we began in April 2011, we have posted new basketball work each and every day. Including work not only from ourselves but a number of of regularly contributing artists as well. In October 2012 we held our very first gallery show, featuring work from more than 2 dozen artists from all over the world with partial proceeds donated to a local charity with donations from Homage Clothing, Great Lakes Brewing Company and the Cleveland Cavaliers. We're currently preparing for our second show in Boston at the end of April.

These are some of my favorites pieces I've done.
"Battle For the Best Song of the Millennium" was a completely arbitrary tournament constructed by the Grantland staff, featuring 64 of what they deemed to be the most important songs with no sort of guidelines, rules or regulations.

I was tasked with creating individual art for each one of the songs, boiling each one down to it's most indentifiable elements; whether it be a memorable scene from the a music video, or a representation of the artist itself.

With just over a week to complete the project, the artistic style that resulted was simple and clean in order to efficiently meet the deadline, but was well received by many and requested to be implemented again in future assignments.

The entire project can be viewed here, with links to the other pages here.
Various illustrations featured on The Classical, an independent sports website once self described as "post punk sports writing,"

Examples of my work on the website can be seen here, here and here.